Monday, March 26, 2012

On to Guatemala, Goodbye Belize

IMG_5765Our last sunset in Belize.  We will be in Guatemala tomorrow.  You can see the mountains of Belize in the background.  I never thought about Belize having mountains until we arrived in southern Belize and saw them.  They would sort of loom in the background on the mainland, often hard to see miles out in the islands.  We got a much better view in Placencia, and as we travelled further south.

It was a beautiful afternoon, the water was super calm, it almost made me think we should turn around and head for home—only because it was so calm.  I hope we can find calm days like this when it is time to head north; it sure will make for a very comfortable ride. 

We anchored overnight at South Moho Caye, about 20 miles from our Guatemala port of Livingston.  We figured this way we could get up in the early morning and make it to Livingston mid morning, clear in to the country, and still have time to travel the next 20 miles up river to the Marina area of the Rio Dulce. IMG_5759


South Moho Caye has a small resort located on the very small Island with thatched huts over the beach and water.  There is not much else out here in the southern area of Belize.  We could see in the distance south of us the mountains of Guatemala. 

The kids had mostly finished up school work by the time we pulled up anchor in Placencia, Savannah joined us on the fly bridge with her book.  Calvin once done with chores also came up.  The kids enjoy listening to the Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites books on CD.  We got them the last 2 audio books in the series for Christmas and we have been working our way thru them during travelling times.  This has made Savannah and Calvin excited each time we move the boat so they have a chance to listen to more of the story.  We are approaching the last couple chapters.  It will be a sad day when the story ends…  My guess is they will just want to start from the beginning again.

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