Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hidden Treasure Restaurant, San Pedro

On Saturday night, before we left San Pedro David and I headed out for dinner.  I had looked up a place on  They had 125 restaurants listed for the tiny town of San Pedro, I think that is more than is listed for the whole Treasure Valley in Idaho.  But I guess more people visit here than the Boise area. 

Anyway, one of the top restaurants listed was Hidden Treasure.  I found in Mexico that I could look up places to go eat on TripAdvisor, but actually finding where the restaurant was needed more research.  The addresses are really never listed and even if they were there are usually no street signs anyway so an address really doesn’t help. It makes finding some places tricky.  Luckily we had a town map printed of the website from the toursim board.  And it had the restaurant marked in an area south of town. 

We hopped in the dinghy and went in search of a dock on the south part of town.  There are lots of docks, we just needed to find someone to let us use the dock.  The first place we stopped, a man came out and told us it was private, he spoke Spanish or we would have asked if we could pay him to let us use it.  We went a little further south and stopped at the Belize yacht Club dock—which was empty, but there was a security guard for the resort behind it.  David talked with him and he radio’d to ask if we could use their dock for a few hours.  He asked David where we were going, and he said we were still far away and would need a taxi from there.  He told us we should go further south and try some of the resort docks. David came back to the dinghy where I was waiting and asked if I had set us on a wild goose chase.  He relayed to me what the security guard advised us.  It seems the map I consulted is not really drawn to scale and the restaurant is much further south of town then I anticipate.  So we went down another 5 docks and tried there.  The security guard at the Banyan Resort was very friendly and nice.  He told us to tie up, no problem. 

We walked out to the street and headed south.  I marked where we were on the map and thought we only needed to go to the next cross road and turn, but we found an area map on a pole in the street and looked at that.  Luckily it also had the restaurant with an accurate location.  We needed to walk down 3 cross streets and then turn.  From there we walked thru sort of a residential area and there were signs to follow. But once in the neighborhood, we either missed a sign or the signs ended.  A group of teenagers were out playing soccer barefoot in a field, and we weren’t quite sure where to go next.  A woman was walking by so we asked her, and she said we were here, it was just down the street a bit.  Tucked behind the trees, very “hidden” was this beautiful, romantic restaurant.  It was surrounded by bamboo and trees under a wooden patio covering.  The location was a bit odd, but the restaurant was very nice.  They run a shuttle to pick people up at their hotels/resorts or people drive golf carts there.  We didn’t have reservations, but they said they had one table left to seat us.  I saw them turn away another couple that came about 20 mins later, so we lucked out.  After we sat down they brought us cold, wet wash cloths with eucalyptus on them.  They were very refreshing for a quick wash up, they were so cold I didn’t want to put it down.  It was very nice after our walk in the humidity. 

We ordered our dinner and appetizers and it was all delicious.  I had a green salad with apple fritters, and a stuffed grouper for dinner.  David ordered a seafood bisque and chicken thai curry dish.  We both loved the grouper that I had ordered and shared that-it was big, and then brought home half of the meal David had ordered. Both our dinners came with local seasonal veggies, one of them being a veggie called Cho Cho, we had to ask what it was as it was new to us. We shared a bread pudding dessert and then it was time to head back to the boat. Had I called the restaurant earlier and inquired about a reservation, they probably would have mentioned their shuttle and we could have been picked up in town near the town dock, but we had fun exploring and trying to figure out how to get there.  Rather than take the shuttle back to the resort we decided to walk.  It wasn’t too far and the exercise is always good for me.  When we reached the resort and dinghy, we had planned to tip the security guard for allowing us the courtesy of using the dock, but he was no where to be found.  

We really enjoyed our night out and the hunt for the hidden treasure restaurant. 

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