Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Food in Belize

We were warned by other boaters that the fresh produce in Belize was terrible.  They were right.  It must be because they don’t export produce.  While at San Pedro, Ambergis Cay, I did find a little produce market that had decent produce, but it was quite expensive.  I paid $1US per pound for a watermelon. 

What we did love in Belize was some local made cinnamon bread.  We bought a loaf twice, it was really yummy as french toast so we had to get it a 2nd time.  The loaf has cinnamon throughout it, but the entire outside of the loaf is a dark brown, I think they must roll it in the cinnamon/sugar mix before putting it in the pan to bake. We tried a few other bakery items too and the kids enjoyed each picking something new to try.  Calvin and I both ended up with some kind of cake made from Corn bread.  His had a caramel frosting that was good.

We also tried a couple of custard apples in Belize, they were a little different.  I am not sure if they were over ripe, but their seeds are too large to swallow and difficult to get out of the meat of the fruit.  They have the texture of brown sugar, with a mellow papaya sort of taste.  I ended up mixing it up with some yogurt and it was pretty good that way.

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