Saturday, April 23, 2011

A new journey

Over the last couple months we tried to decide what we should do next, where we should go.  We considered going back to Poland, but i wanted to wait till spring at least to return there.  My brother had planned his wedding for the end of April, and then we needed to be home by early June to be home for when the cousins visit.  Plus swim team starts in June and it is the sport i hope my kids will continue each year.  So to go to Poland for only 4-6 weeks didn't seem like enough time; we had to rethink.

What about Mexico?  We were told about this beautiful town in the mountains of central Mexico and as we started to research we just loved the idea of renting a hacienda, learning spanish, learning to cook authentic mexican food, it sounded like a great plan.  Plus we thought we could drive there in March, fly back for the wedding and return after until June.  As we started to plan, things just were not working out easily, I started to dread the idea of driving across the border with my children and worried about what might happen.  We know there are border towns that have less issues and are safer to cross, and we planned to cross at one of those, but it just did not feel like the right plans, so we had to pray and decide that heavenly father was telling us no.  And when you have those promptings, you just have to listen.

On to a new plan.  David started looking at boats again, well he says he never really stopped, but he at least developed a list that he wanted to go and see.  So he planned out a viewing trip to see 5 trawlers in our budget in Florida and south Georgia.  Just before we flew to Florida David added one more boat to the list with the disclosure that it was a little over the budget, but it might be nice to see as it had been completely remodeled inside (the boats on our list all needed alot of work).  We met with a broker who travelled with us to show us these boats.  Toi Boat, as it was called, was the 3rd to be seen.  It has been completely remodeled over the last 10 years.  While a few rooms need a little updating, the boat was beautiful.  It has been extremely well taken care as the owners had lived on it for the last 12 years, so when something needed to be fixed they fixed it.  It was also a bit roomier than the other boats we were viewing.  After seeing Toi Boat, there was no going back.  Only convincing ourselves how to fit it into our budget.  After we reviewed all that would need to be fixed and done on the other boats we decided that having one ready to go with little effort to get it ready, would save us money and of course time.  So we did it,  we bought the boat.  She is being renamed to "R Cabin" and we are excited for our travels aboard her.