Sunday, April 27, 2014

Les Saintes, Guadeloupe


We have reached a previously travelled path now.  Last year we spent almost a week at the small islands of Les Saintes, just a few miles south of Guadeloupe.  After clearing in to Guadeloupe in town, David and I dinghied over to the restaurant near where we anchored to ask for the wifi code.  At the poolside tables were 2 couples from other boats in the anchorage.  They happily shared the wifi code and we sat down to chat with them for a bit.  Turns out one of the boats was here in Les Saintes same time as us last year.  He remembered our boat and ALL of our kids.  After mentioning that I had talked with a boat last year about a flying gurnard fish, he said “that was me”  and we connected it all together.  I still haven’t seen this flying gurnard fish that lives in the anchorage some where!  I sure would like to though. Funny how we are meeting for the 2nd time, in the same place, both of us just passing thru for a few days.  We enjoyed talking with them and hope to run into them again in the winter in the Virgin Islands.DSCN5784

The following day was Sunday, and with no church nearby we had primary on our boat.  That afternoon we had noticed a dolphin swimming nearby.  Snorkelers swam near the dolphin all afternoon.  We finally decided we should check it out.  Melinda and I swam out to where the dolphin kept circling and found a dolphin just swimming around in circles.  Every once in a while it would swim off, and then come back. It was mesmerizing to watch it swimming so closely.  We were able to get within just a few feet.  We swam back to the boat to tell the kids they needed to change into swim suits and get out here, it was so cool. Alex was taking his nap so it was a good time for everyone to come, even David.  It is the only time I have ever swam with a dolphin.  Usually they just pass by swimming thru the area, never have I seen them really stick around and swim in a specific area for hours and days.  The next day the dolphin was back, swimming in the same vicinity.  Makes you wonder why. 



We enjoyed our few days in Les Saintes.  The snorkeling this year was as good as the year before.  I even saw a school of squid swimming, all lined up. 

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