Monday, April 21, 2014

Canyoning Martinique

This post will probably be less writing, lots of pictures, and I wish my water camera took better photos, but oh well. 

219If you know David, you know he loves outdoor adventures.  Back in his college days he embraced Canyoneering in Southern Utah, which involved repelling thru slot canyons.  I enjoyed hiking and when we were married we would go canyoneering together.  Having moved to Idaho, opportunity to canyoneer was slim.  We were much further from Southern Utah.  A couple years ago we were able to take Savannah and Calvin on a camping trip to Zion’s National Park where we could take them canyoneering.  We had a great time hiking together and teaching the kids to repel.

So having read there were opportunities on a few islands to go canyoneering David was very interested in going and in Martinique we were able to make arrangements.  In Dominica it was twice the price, and in Guadeloupe they were booked out several days. 

So in Martinique we found a guide that spoke good English and would take us and the kids canyoneering.  Sophie was very  friendly and was a great guide.  All her gear was in great condition.  As we were at the trailhead putting on wetsuits and gearing up, she noticed that I look… a little pregnant, so she asked if I would be okay repelling.  I assured her I would be fine.  I had gone canyoneering a couple of times while pregnant with Savannah, I am a little further along, but that was mostly because my harness back home wouldn’t fit me at this point, but she had gear that would.  She seemed okay with me going, and responded that she also went repelling when she was pregnant.

Three other guys visiting from France joined us on our adventure.  We spent 3 hours, hiking climbing down, sliding, jumping and repelling thru waterfalls in the Carbet Rainforest.  The kids did a great job repelling.  They loved sliding thru the waterfalls.  It was a beautiful adventure and lots of fun.









Ok this picture above was probably our favorite part of the whole hike.  You crawl inside some rocks on the waterfall to rope climb down the rest of the fall thru a tunnel of rocks.  It was very cool!









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