Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Activities

After our church adventure on Sunday the kids planned a few activities for Easter.  I love being on the boat for major holidays because it is so much easier to not get dragged into the commercialism of the holiday.  We are far away from TV commercials and friends comparing and sizing up each others gifts.  Instead we can focus more on the meaning of it all and our Savior Jesus Christ.  However, the kids still want a little fun for the holiday, so they had prepared by cutting out nearly 100 paper eggs to hide around the boat for an egg hunt.  Savannah had fun setting it all up for her siblings, hiding the eggs, and making a little paper craft for each child.  David and I had purchased a few local candies here in Martinique and divided them into small bags for each child.  They loved their European treats.  Oddly, eggs here in Martinique were quite expensive, even local fresh eggs.  We purchase 30 eggs for $10 US.  Because we go thru eggs so quickly, we eat a lot of scrambled eggs, I only allowed each child to dye 4 eggs each.  We had brown eggs, and I just love the way they turn out with the dyes.  Although they only had 4 to do, they had a great time dipping them over and over to see what combo or creation they could come up with.  My conclusion, more eggs are not needed; it was great keeping it simple.  And they loved it all!







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