Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Broken laptop

So a few months ago my laptop started having issues and died.  I put off replacing it until just before we left to come to the boat.  And now I suffer from procrastination.  My new laptop has also broken.  It has some sort of power issue and won't charge its battery or receive any power from the power supply.  The good news is we'll be home in time to return it to costco.  The bad news is I'm stuck posting from whatever laptop or iPad I can get my hands on, which for now means I don't have easy access or a place to download all my photos.  And I have to say typing on the iPad mini screen is not fun.  So we'll see how it goes.  I may just have to come back later to add photos.

The funny story is I mocked David for packing his old semi working laptop in addition to his new working one. (But he mistakenly did not bring his power supply for his old one.). And when he suggested we bring my old one too, I told him he was crazy and insisted we leave it behind.  Why would we need it? I had a new working laptop, so I convinced him to leave it behind.  And now I sit wallowing without a working laptop!

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