Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spanish Wells

Because we stopped to snorkel Current Cut, we didn't make it all the way to Spanish Wells as we had intended.  We stopped just 2 miles away and anchored in the lee of Meeks Cay.  We liked the anchorage so much that we just tendered over to Spanish Wells to check it out, instead of moving the big boat there.  Spanish Wells was quite a large settlement compared to anything in the Exumas.  It is a fishing settlement, so the harbor is more industrial working, lined with fishing boats- large and small.  The residents here collect a large amount of Lobster every year for Red Lobster.  The people were friendly allowing us to dock the tender where ever we wanted to go to shore at.  We first stopped at the city park to let the little ones out to play, and used a nearby dock for some cottage rentals.  Then we went closer to town and docked at the sea wall of the only Marina.  From here we inquired about a golf cart rental, but instead decided to walk the short distance to the grocery market.

The store was a good size and had a great variety of staples.  They even had bananas at $1.10 per pound, so I brought home 2 bundles for us.  We also found cereal here at a decent price, so we grabbed a few bags-- this was one thing we were running low on, so it was nice to pick up some for a reasonable price.

That afternoon we spent at the beach on Meeks Cay.  After the 2 little kids went down for naps, I swam over and did a little snorkeling along the rock wall, where I spotted one of my favorite fish-- a puffer.  Love their eyes!  So big, and round, and kind looking.

Calvin kayaked to the beach, and David brought a few more kids on the tender-- he couldn't spot me snorkeling, so he hurried the kids along, worried about me.  Isn't that sweet.  We walked much of the island, and swam down the long beach shoreline finding lots of pretty shells.  It was a lovely afternoon till David showed up to collect us to come back.  Time to wake up the babies and make dinner.  Back to real life...

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