Saturday, December 1, 2012

Florida Keys

David had docked the boat in Marathon, Fl, which is about an hour before Key West.  So that is where we returned with the kids to the boat.  We spent 9 days in a Marina stocking and getting ready, and waiting for our new tender.  Our 12 foot dinghy was just a little small for our large family.  Now add the new baby, and the dog and it’s even more tight.  So we decided to buy a larger tender that would allow us more room, faster travel, and increase our range of things we can go see and do.  In the old dinghy 3  miles was our max, and even then the 3 miles needed to be nice flat water in order to go that far without getting wet or the ride being too bumpy.  David decided on an offshore fishing boat.  It has brought new challenges for us.  We have to tow it behind us, so we’ve had to figure out exactly how to tow it and it slows us down a little.  But it is roomy and zips along nicely, taking us to see new things.




While we were in Marathon we attended the local LDS branch there.  It is a very small branch, but they are big in friendliness and spirit.  We enjoyed worshipping our Savior with them on the Sundays we were there. After church each week they have a linger longer and we enjoyed visiting and getting to know them over lunch.  During the week they get together for a mid week activity on Wednesday nights.  We were able to attend the Wednesday we were there and had a fun time playing games and writing Christmas cards to the troops away from their families for the Holidays. On Sunday Savannah had mentioned that a game she had played at school was once was trying to get an Oreo into your mouth from your forehead without using your hands.  The Missionary couple serving in the branch brought Oreos just so we could play the game.  It was a lot of fun watching everyone try to figure it out.  I couldn’t figure it out.  Everyone else, after a few attempts were able to enjoy their oreo.

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