Friday, December 14, 2012

Driftwood Beach, Shroud Cay


We pulled up anchor at Highbourne and headed south.  We planned to make a short stop at Shroud Cay to hike to Driftwood Beach.  However, the winds had picked up as a front was passing, and with heavy winds from the north the anchorage at Shroud Cay was quite rocky.  We cancelled our stop there due to the weather, and were continuing on, when David suggested we anchor at a small Cay about 1 mile away from Shroud.  We could hide behind the small Cay from the waves and anchor the boat in calmer waves.  Then we would have to take the new tender to Shroud Cay.  We had planned to take the smaller dinghy, because to get to Driftwood Beach you have to pass through a small mangrove creek.  Tide was going out and we worried that the larger tender would be too deep of a draft on the shallow creek.  But since we anchored further away, and it was quite choppy water to get to the cay, our only choice was to take the larger tender. 


We made it across the banks to the Cay and the creek.  We made it through the creek with good depths and landed at this tiny beach just before a small cut out to the sound side of the cay.  We beached the tender and walked around the corner of the beach, to this long stretch of sand.  The waves were crashing along this side of the beach, it was a beautiful site.  We were greeted at Driftwood beach by a sticky figurine.  We walked down the beach until we came to a path leading to the top of the hill.  We hiked up to the top to enjoy the beautiful view of the beach before us and the mangrove creeks behind us.  I am so glad we stopped and found a way to visit this beautiful area.  I wished we’d packed a lunch and swim suits and boogie boards to spend the day.  But the tide was still dropping and we wanted to make sure we did not get stuck there till it came back in.  Although, this would have been a great place to get stuck!  I plan to go back someday, in fact I plan to visit all of the Exhuma’s again.  It is gorgeous here!





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