Sunday, December 30, 2012

Church in Puerto Plata

Our 2nd day in the Dominican Republic was a Sunday, and after a few weeks of not being able to attend—there are not any wards or branches in the Exhumas, we were excited to be able to go.  We looked at renting a car, but since it was the middle of the holidays, we couldn’t get a rental.  Taxi’s from the marina/resort were expensive.  The church building was only 3 miles away and right off the main highway.  So we decided we would walk out of the Marina to the road and catch the guagua, which is a minivan type of bus.  In Mexico we took them often, they call them collectivo’s there.  We were running late.  I thought we were going to a ward in the afternoon, I had let David look up the times, but he didn’t mention that the wards completely overlap, so there were no afternoon services.  So we rushed out the door.  As we left the Marina and walked down the street a little ways, a few taxi’s were there.  I told David we should at least ask the price and see if they would come down from the marina/resort price.  And sure enough, we were able to negotiate a much more reasonable price.  $15 USD for there and back after church.  The Marina’s price was $40 USD.  It’s 3 miles. 

We made it to church in time for the 2nd and 3rd hours.  They have sacrament meeting last, so we hadn’t missed that.  Members quickly helped us get the kids to classes.  Madison joined us for church as well. 

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