Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cambridge Cay

After a few days at Waderick Wells Cay we moved 15 miles to the south end of the Land and Sea Park to Cambridge Cay.  We had to wind our way around Bell Cay to get into the anchorage.  There is either a very expensive home or small hotel located on Bell Cay with a beautiful beach and blue waters all around.  It was a scenic journey to the anchorage.  Again, this park anchorage did not disappoint.  It is just so beautiful here!  It was so calm in this snug mooring field surrounded by little cays.  While Waderick Wells has astounding beauty, when the tide was up our boat would roll.  So to move to this gorgeous mooring field and have it be so flat and calm was perfection!  We enjoyed the sunset after getting set up. 


While at Cambridge Cay we spent an afternoon at the beach, walking and playing with Jesse and enjoying the scenery.










Benjamin played in the sand while we walked around and explored.  He built himself a volcano and wrote a note:

“Vockano!  No Going in!”

After reading his note, we decided he needed to be writing more in his school work.  No more one word journal entries, he was definitely ready to move on to at least 1 sentence.


Below is a shell Savannah picked up with a beautiful crab living in to.  She placed it back in the shallow water on its back.  We watched the crab poke its head out and back in its shell looking for danger.  He did this over and over, until he finally flipped himself and his shell over.  It was fun to watch.




Calvin and his mega volcano.

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