Thursday, March 7, 2013

We caught a fish!

We have tried trailing a fishing line behind the boat as we have made some of our passages and have not yet caught a fish.  David is not very interested in catching a fish and all that comes with it—killing it and cleaning.  He wouldn’t mind eating it, just the know how of cleaning it and then the cleaning UP from it.  I think he sabotage’s the lines so we won’t catch one. IMG_0241

Well we finally did it!  We caught one.  We pulled into our anchorage off Vieques, PR, and David realized he hadn’t yet pulled in the fishing line, and on the other end was a fish.  Calvin was so excited!  We were pretty sure it was a Barracuda, but he grabbed the fish book just to be sure.  Yes, it was a barracuda so we couldn’t keep it to eat.  Barracuda’s are high risk for both mercury and ciguatera and should not be eaten.  Now David was happy!  He unhooked the fish and off he went. IMG_0252

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