Saturday, March 2, 2013

Family life on a boat

DSCN3246_thumb1Last year it seemed we didn’t meet very many families aboard boats.  This year, every where we go we meet new families living aboard.  It has been great fun for the kids, and neat for us to see that we are not the only crazy people out there. 
We met up with a family in the Exumas and left Georgetown at the same time as them.  We have kept in touch and hope to see them soon, maybe here in the BVI’s.  They have a daughter Savannah’s age.
We had a great time meeting a French family in Dominican Republic.  They have been a board for a year now and are nearing the end of their trip through the Caribbean and will be heading back to France this summer.  They have twin boy and girl the same age as Savannah.  All three older kids, Savannah, Calvin, and Isabel had a great time playing with Leah and Enzo.
At another spot in Dominican Republic we met another family.  They were renting a condo near the marina and it shared the pool area with the marina. They were from Ireland.  Last winter they lived in Turks and Caicos, and this winter they picked Dominican Republic.  They were really nice to chat with and of course the kids had a great time together.
Then as we spent our month in Puerto Rico at Palmas Del Mar, there were a few families living aboard there.  Two families were Captain and crew for yachts in the Marina.  They pick their yacht owners up in St. Thomas every month of so for trips thru the BVI and USVI, and then they live on their own boats in the marina between trips.  Another family sailed much of the Caribbean last year and then spent several months living aboard their boat in Columbia.  This year they picked Puerto Rico to spend a year a board.  The kids had so much fun playing together and making new friends.  It was hard to say goodbye when the time came for us to move on.
Along with making new friends, all the families we meet along the way are great resources to us.  Some have already been where we are going and have great tips and advice, many have been living a board longer than us and share their knowledge.  We exchange tips on kids and homeschooling and life aboard.  It is nice to spend time with those having similar experiences to us.  We look forward to meeting others along the rest of our journey.

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