Friday, March 8, 2013

Bio Bay, Vieques, PR

My brother, Sean, and his cute family—Cristina and baby Isaac,  joined us for a week on board.  We met up with them at the Marina in Puerto Rico, Palmas Del Mar.  They had spent the day touring San Juan, so after a good nights sleep, we packed up the boat and headed off to the islands in the morning.  Our first stop—Vieques, PR, Spanish Virgin Islands.  On the south coast of Vieques Island is a Bioluminescent Bay—Bahia Mosquito.  It was to be a dark night—perfect for a swim in a glowing bay. It was a fun time, like watching fireworks as we jumped in the water.  Here are the kids journal entries about the experience.


Yesterday, at about seven o'clock at night, we went to a phosphorescent bay. It's called Mosquito Bay. But I'm going to call it Bio Bay. Phosphorescence are little plankton in the water that light up when the water that is near them is moved. On the night that we went there, there was no moon, which made it better and brighter. There were also a lot of fish, and you could tell because you could see lights in the shape of fish. When we got to a corner without other people, we jumped in. It was so awesome and cool! I didn't see it, but the people who did said that it was like a firework, because fish swam in every direction from him. I loved it! It was so awesome. Have you seen Bio Bay before?


Last night we went to see Bioluminescents.  They are like insects except they are in water.  They were brighter than last time.  There were also fish.  When they moved they lit up.  It was awesome.  Uncle Sean did a dive and fish darted.  It was so cool!  We had fun.  I put on my snorkel.  It was amazing.  I saw the bug light up on my mask.


There are fish.  The fish glow.  I like the water.  The water glows.  I like it.


I like the light.  I like the sparkle.  I like the fish.

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