Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Shopping in Mexico

When we first arrived we went into the downtown area of Cancun and shopped at a Mexican supermarket.  Same on Isla Mujeres, we shopped at the new Chedraui, which is a Mexican version of a small Walmart with food and other needed items. 

The day after we arrived in Puerto Mujeres, we rented a car—we needed it for some inland excursions to ruins and such, but we also wanted to do some more provisioning.  David and I headed into Cancun to Costco and Walmart.  Shopping here was like shopping in the United States, almost.  Lots of the same Kirkland brand products that were simply shipped here from wherever Costco gets them, just more cost than in the US.  I was able to get my 6 pack of romaine lettuce, a 6 pack of colored peppers, a big bag of frozen chicken and so on.  Even a new swim suit for Isabel who has grown a little taller, the exact swim suit she had that was now a little short on her.  Of course we had the Costco hot dog and soda—no relish for a condiment—jalapeno’s of course.  They did have more Mexican products, and less of the products they just don’t use here.  Walmart was a similar experience.  It was almost like I was back home—just more Spanish.  Although I heard more English in Costco, than any where else in Mexico, other that a resort. 

One of the things I really enjoy about traveling is experiencing less tourist things and more of everyday life in the country we are visiting, and this experience took away from that.  I will look forward to more shopping at the local Grocery Stores, but I am happy to buy in bulk every once in awhile, especially for our family size.

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