Monday, February 20, 2012

Puerto Morelos


After a week on Isla Mujeres it was time to head south again.  This time we headed about 30 miles south to the main land of the Yucatan Pennisula to the town of Puerto Morelos.  After paying only $230 for a week in Isla Mujeres at Paraiso, we had to adjust to more than double the price at Marina El Cid.  However, the kids are happy.  The higher price comes with the grounds of a nice resort.  They have a nice beach with beach chairs and umbrellas and a big pool with water slides and high dives over rock waterfalls.  The kids love the pool.  There is even a little kiddie area for Benjamin and Matthew with a little slide. They also have a kids club if we wanted to drop the kids for an afternoon, and several other activities onsite like volleyball, ping pong, a fitness center, and outdoor evening shows. 

Puerto Morelos is located south of Cancun.  It is a small town with a national reef park off of it’s main beach.  I am excited for time to snorkel, it is suppose to be pristine.  The area is also located in the Riviera Maya, with Cenote’s and ruins nearby.DSCN1052

My oldest brother Rob was married last weekend. He and his wife, Heidi are spending their honeymoon in a nearby resort, which is why we chose to stop here at El Cid.  We are excited to spend time snorkeling and visiting Mayan sites with them.  It’s so nice of them to let us hang out on their honeymoon.


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