Saturday, May 28, 2011



IMG_2996In US waters we have seen dolphins almost everyday.  In the Bahamas we only saw a dolphin once, for a brief moment.  But on our trip back when we were almost to land, 7 dolphins came to play with our boat.  I was taking a nap as we had driven all night and I was still catching up on sleep I had missed while I drove the boat late the night before.  The kids had a great time taking pictures from the bow of the boat as IMG_3010the dolphins swam and played in our boats wake.  It is amazing how clear the water is.  This is about 50 miles off the Georgia coastline.  Once you reach the shoreline, the water is murky.  But out in the ocean it is amazingly blue and clear.  It was incredibly calm that morning that we could see jelly fish floating in the waters.

Even as we travelled on the murky inter coastal waters we saw dolphin at least once a day.  The kids get excited every time and were sad when the dolphins wouldn’t come to play.

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