Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Great Sale Cay

Our first stop in the Abacos after leaving West End.  Great Sale is an uninhabited Cay but a popular anchorage for boats headed in and out of the Abacos.  Once we Anchored I got dinner started and while it cooked we headed out to explore by dinghy.  One area we checked out was a blue hole off the south end of the Cay.  We didn’t bring any snorkel gear with us so we couldn’t get it to see, we used a clear bucket to look thru, but the sun was headed down so it was hard to see.  There was another boat anchored near the blue hole, they had been in to check it out and said it was small but it just kept going as far as they could swim down in it.  They said there were lots of large fish too.  Had it not been dinner time I would have wanted to head back to see.  A blue hole is a tunnel from a shallow sea out to the deep ocean somewhere.  It tunnels hundreds of feet down and over to the ocean, while the sea around it is much shallower, maybe 15 feet deep.  We also checked out the beach on Great Sale, it was a little rocky so we headed back to R Cabin for dinner.  In the morning, off to Moraine Cay.

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