Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Heading out on the Water

We flew, kids and all, to Florida on Tues. the 26th.  I couldn’t believe how much stuff we still needed to do before we could leave.  The boat repairs were still being finished up and something new would come up almost every day.  Finally after several days, we thought we could be ready to go, but the weather wasn’t as nice as we wanted, so we decided to wait a few days till the waters were a little calmer.  Then Jenn got sick, so we waited that out a couple days too.  We brought David’s sister Susie with us, and she has been a huge help.  So much to unpack and buy and put away, plus teach and entertain the kids all day—especially since we are in a working boat yard and not a marina.  Susie has been great.  she takes the kids for several walks a day, luckily the boat yard is in a neighborhood of homes and once we leave the property it is a nice area for walks.  Then there is school work, cleaning up the boat, and the mess we make each day, and finding places for everything to go.  We are glad to have her help.  My brother Rob flew in almost a week after we arrived to head out to the Bahamas with us for a couple weeks.  He waited till after most of the work was done before arriving.  However with me getting sick, he still got to spend a few days with us in the Boat yard.  Well departure day is coming…  We are planning to leave in the morning at high tide after 10am.  We haven’t decided on an exact destination yet, but had better decide tonight!

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