Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lake Worth and Peanut Island

We had a great weekend waiting for calm weather.  We were waiting for the ocean sea waves to drop to 2-3 feet, and calmer winds.  Over the weekend we anchored at Lake Worth, just south of Peanut Island.  Aside from local boat traffic, it was a nice anchorage.  The kids had a lot of fun at the popular Peanut Island.  During the day it was filled with small boats and tons of people.  The Carribbean water floods in on rising tides and the water is clear and turquoise blue.  The kids spent Sat. afternoon playing on the beach and snorkeling.  It was quite crowded and alot of fun. 

Sunday we had to solve a problem with one of the bathrooms, it was a good repair job.  David was proud he could fix it!  Unfortunately, we were anchored far from any church building, so we weren't able to attend church.  We had a primary lesson on board and went for a evening walk around Peanut Island. 

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