Saturday, May 14, 2011

bakers beach


We headed to the beach before lunch at low tide.  The beach was big and the sand was soft.  We had a great time looking for sand dollars and found several. Benjamin searched the beach and shallow waters with me searching for sand dollars.  He searched and searched and finally found one under the sand.  He was so excited, he ran back to show Dad. The kids and uncle Rob found more than 15 starfish; each about 12 inches in diameter.  The kids collected them to look at them all. They would put them on top of the boogie board to transport them to the collection area.  It was neat to check back after a while and see how the starfish were crawling away from the collected area.  It is neat to see the different color and pattern variations in them.   Susie found a beautiful crab in the water.  It had pretty blue coloring.  It was missing one of its claws.  It was so scared of us and would back away from us with it’s one claw raised at us snapping.  

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