Sunday, April 7, 2013

My cute little boys

IMG_3249These 3 cuties share a room on the boat.  Each night we allow them to read for 30 minutes before bed.  This last year Benjamin has just gotten better and better at reading and we find him reading to his brothers at night. 

Other nights we find Benjamin asleep and Matthew sitting in front of Alexander’s bed “reading” to him in his little 2 year old voice.  IMG_3251

One night I found Benjamin holding up the book for both Matthew and Alexander, reading the story, trying to teach the words to Matthew.  It was so cute.


Two weeks after he broke his collarbone, the rambunctious Benjamin was playing in the laundry basket fell over and whacked his head on the side of the living room chest.  Blood was pouring out of his new wound.  He had split open the skin on the side of his eyebrow.  After stopping the blood flow and cleaning up the blood in the carpet, we grabbed the first aid kit, cleaned the wound, and applied steri-stitches to keep the gash closed.  Those fell off a few days later.  He will have a nice little scar to match the one on the other eyebrow when he ran into a bench at church 1.5 years ago.   IMG_3268

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