Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wawel Castle

After school last friday we took the kids to see the castle here in Krakow, Wawel Castle. While it has been remodeled, it is was never destroyed and is the genuine castle. Many of the city castle's were destroyed in the war and have been rebuilt to look as they did centuries ago, but this castle and most of Krakow were untouched by WWII. We had fun walking through a few of the rooms in the castle and seeing the decorations from centuries ago. This picture was taken in the courtyard of the castle where people once roamed about.

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  1. Wow what fun adventures you are having! Reminds me of being overseas with my family in Germany and England.. Hope you are having a nice time. I have a blog as well on Blogger ( yes there are too many i's in my last name there) You can see what my husband and I and my family have been up to :)