Sunday, November 21, 2010

More of food and shopping

I could probably write about food everyday. I love food. There are so many new things I am learning about the food here. I have tried to find ground beef in the grocery stores, and I usually only find a mix of ground beef and ground pork. So one day when David was shopping with me (this helps because then he can translate, it makes it easier) He asked at the meat counter for me if there was ground beef. And the lady asked us how much we wanted. So we told her and off she went to grind it for us. I actually have ground my own meat at home once, but having it done on a regular basis in the grocery store was interesting. But that is how it is done here. Also, I have only bought chicken breasts one time here that there has been absolutely no bones it. Every other time I have purchased it there is still a few small bones attached that I have to cut out.

Can I tell you how much I miss Ziplock bags. We are a people of convienence and ease, I miss Ziploc bags. I haven't found them here yet, and I have checked several stores for them. Instead they use these extremely thin bags with twist ties. I am always worried that something will leak and they tear so easily.

I have been learning alot about the cheese and dairy products here. We bring home new soft spreads and crackers often to try. They are yummy. I have also learned about Kefir--anyone know what that is? I love that we live in a digital age, where I can google and learn so much! Kefir is similar to yogurt, but healthier for you. They have a whole isle of it in the grocery stores here. It has more bacteria and yeast varieties then yogurt. They drink it here as you would a glass of milk. It is a common drink in Eastern Europe. It tastes like plain yogurt but it is runny, not thick as yogurt is. I had some on my granola cereal. They use it in soups alot, so the next time I make soup, I will add some to it. We have also tried another yogurt like drink. This one has strawberries in it. And it comes in a carton like your would by cream. It is a little thicker than the Kefir in consistency, but still thinner than yogurt, but it tasted like yogurt. Well I learned today that it is buttermilk, and the one I bought is strawberry buttermilk. Also something they drink here like a glass of milk. I had been adding a little milk to it to thin it out a little more for the kids and calling it strawberry milk. The kids really like it, and it tastes pretty good. They also have alot of it at the stores here. This is something in the US that has one spot on the shelf, and here they have several varieties.

David wanted to make rice krispy treats.  Something we all get a fix for every once in awhile.  Well, they don't have rice krispy's here.  In fact, they don't really have alot of cereal here.  Probably because they are eating fruits and pasteries for breakfast.  All the cereal comes in bags, and they are not very big, which is sort of a problem for a family like ours.  All school mornings the kids eat cereal because they can make it themselves,  but they eat a lot of cereal, so we have to buy several bags.  The largest bag of cereal they have is 500 gram size. so it is about 1 lbs of cereal.  No Malt o Meal super size here.  They have a few of the US usual varieties, cookie crisp, cinnamon toast crunch, and honey nut cheerios and a few different ones.  We have tried them all and the kids like the new ones too.  Well, we have made rice krispy treats with cheerios before so we knew we could use those, so we set out to find marshmallows.  I hadn't seen them, but David said he remembers using them in a fruit salad on his mission so he knew they had them somewhere.  I was starting to think of how to substitute the marshmallows with corn syrup and trying to remember what other ingredients i needed to go that route, when David walked over with some marshmallows from the candy isle.  They come in candy bag size, not the jet puff big bag, but a small candy size, because that is what they are here and they come in different colors and shapes.  We had some yummy smurf marshmallows.  And bought some white and pink ones to make marshmallow cheerio treats with. 

I am sure I will have many more posts on food, markets, and shopping as it is something I love.

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