Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Learning Polish and the kids

Every evening David asks the kids if they used any Polish words during the day and they talk about what words they used or could use at school.  Their teachers know English and often speak to them in English, which sort of defeats the purpose of sending them to a Polish school, but anyway...  Savannah and Calvin are learning fairly well.  Savannah is catching on the fastest.  Isabel the slowest.  But I guess that is a natural progression since Savannah is the oldest and Isabel the youngest in school.  In the mornings before school David tries to encourage them to say at least a few words to their friends and teachers in school in Polish.

Well this afternoon I went to pick up the kids from school and as we were leaving Isabel told the lady who sits in the front hall "dowidzenia" (which is goodbye in Polish)  and as we walked out of the building, Isabel said to me "Mom isn't that good, that is my first Polish word today"  I had to laugh, she is so cute.  After 6 hours in a Polish school, she used her first Polish word of the day to say goodbye.  It seems to me the first polish word of the day would have been hello, but that's our Isabel!

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