Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Long Weekend

Where to begin.... The kids had Thursday and Friday off from school so we decided to travel around. I have wanted to go to Prague since my first trip to Europe many years ago as I had heard it was a beautiful city. As we had looked at what to do there with the kids, we decided that there wasn't enough to see and do for us over a 5 day weekend. So we decided we wanted to go to 2 places, Prague and somewhere else. Only we didn't know where else. We started looking at what else was close by. Vienna is close, but I had been there many years ago, and while it is a beautiful city I wanted to go somewhere new for me. We had thought about taking the kids to Rome, but it was too far by train and too expensive right now by air. So as we talked some more David mentioned that he thought it would be fun to ride a train through the Swiss Alps. So after some research we decided that was what we were going to do. The next few posts will have details about the trips as it was long and we saw so much! The plan was to pick the kids up a little early from school and catch the 12:30pm train to Prague. Spend Thursday sight seeing in Prague, then catch the night train at 6:30pm to Zurich. Hop on another train through the Alps. Spend the night up in the Alps in Chur and Ride the train Saturday to the other end of the Alps. Spend a few hours near the Matterhorn, then take a train back to Zurich for the night. Church the next morning then the night train back to Prague. Then take the afternoon train back to Krakow arriving late Monday night. As you will read in the following posts our plans changed a little, and we had a great time

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