Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Birthday David

Today was David's birthday, so I picked the kids up from school and we set out to find him a cake.  Finding a cake wasn't too hard, but we wanted to find the right cake.  So we went to a couple different bakeries.  We had to walk a bit, which I thought was great, but the kids were a little worn out from school and not so excited about it.  As we looked in different shops, we found a few chocolate iced cakes which looked yummy to me, but it was hard to tell what is on the inside.  Normally we buy pieces or sections of goodies, but since we were looking now at a whole cake I didn't know what the cake or tort was made of.  My biggest concern is we would get something with either alcohol in it or coffee or espresso in it.  Since we don't drink any of those it would be a waste to us.  Finally in our third shop we found a white cake decorated with white and pink chocolate--and of course I thought--that's the cake for David.  It wasn't till later I realized i got him a pink and white cake.  Mostly I thought, it looks peppermint colored, could it be peppermint.  I didn't think it was, but i hoped.  the sign next to it said tort owocowy.  I knew what tort meant, but not the next word.  I hoped it would be okay.  I asked Savannah if she knew what it meant, but she didn't.  It had about 8 good servings to it and cost 23 zloty, about $8 USD. When we got home I looked up the word I didn't know and found it meant fruity.  So i thought, okay, not peppermint, hmm, well hopefully it doesn't have mandarins in it and we should be okay.  It turned out yummy, no mandarins, and no specific fruit flavor, but it was fruity, just as it said.  It was good.  I will have to post a picture of it.  We made homemade pizza and had a nice little birthday in Poland for David who turned 37.


  1. Happy Birthday to David. I hope you are soaking up the flavor of this adventure. And the many more that await you!! There is a ton of snow here so getting a tree may be tricky this year.

  2. Happy Birthday to David! It's been snowy back here in Idaho. Everyone's kind of down today, because BSU got upset by Nevada. Can't wait for you guys to get back so we can share all the news!