Friday, November 12, 2010


Since the kids get out of school everyday by lunch we decided to take an early afternoon train to Prague. We spent 8 hours traveling on 3 different trains to reach Prague by bedtime for the kids. They did really well, working on school worksheets, playing games on the IPAD and phones, and watching movies. Plus they love looking out the window and going on and off the trains. The next morning we headed back to the train station to put our luggage in a locker and to purchase our overnight train tickets to Zurich. By the time we took care of that we had about 7 hours to tour Prague. We knew we wanted to see the Castle and the Old Town area. So we headed first to the Castle and then walked our way back to the train station through the Old Town.

First let me say, that I thought that Prague would be a step below Poland by modern standard, but I was wrong. Not only is it a beautiful city with all the old buildings and cobblestone streets, it is extremely modernized. The train station is like a mall. It is a huge city and has buses, trams, and an underground metro. The kids had fun riding that! Tunnels all the time.

The Castle sits high on a hill above the city and has a beautiful view. The castle and city grounds up are so beautiful. We had a great time walking around. The cathedral at the castle is incredible. It is large and with huge stained glass windows. Isabel had a wonderful time looking for a princess at the castle. She was a little upset that we didn't get to see the princess' bedroom. The castle was lovely, but the view from just outside the castle walls is just gorgeous. It overlooks Prague.

We walked from the castle to the Old town square. Along the way we had a few Eurodogs. Which was a hot dog served in a small french baguette for a bun. At the town square we found they were having a little fair with yummy Cezch food. We went to the different booths and tried different things. We continued to walk and wind our way through the streets headed to the train station. We arrived in time to collect our bags, pick up food for the train, make a few calls over the internet, and board our night train to Zurich. At this point we decided that when we return to Prague on Monday we would spend another day there.

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