Sunday, October 3, 2010

Packing for Poland

We have spent the last 2weeks preparing for our journey. We are mostly packed and interestingly enough we have less luggage then our last trip. Of course we don't have to pack life jackets, snorkeling gear, or food. But thought that the winter gear would be similar in size to all the extras we took on the last trip. Poland will be chilly when we arrive.

When preparing for a journey, I find 2 tips that really help me. First, I make a list for each of the kids of what needs to be packed. And second, I start packing at least one week before we are to leave. With the list I can know what I have packed and what I have left to pack, so hopefully nothing gets forgotten. Starting a week early allows me to not feel a mad rush or stress in the last few days before we leave. It also allows plenty of time to make extra trips to the store for things needed. It does mean that my kids will wear the same couple outfits during that last week as the rest of their clothes are packed.

Since we are going to Europe and are expecting to travel some by train or quick weekend trips by plane we wanted to bri g mre carry on sized bags. So while we have less luggage, we actually have more bags to deal with, they're just smaller in size. But that is a problem for David. I pack, he gets to figure out how to transport it to/from/around the airport and where ever we are going.

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