Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Family Life

Tuesday night as we were going to bed, David said this is great, we aren't just having a vacation, we are living a life in Poland. That night he had attended a monthly meeting at the school. Every month the parents have to meet together with the teacher for a report on how the students and class are doing and to discuss upcomping events and needs. At this meeting the teacher reports students grades as well to each parent, in front of all the parents. The kids had started gymnastics this week, so I had to take Calvin to his class and Kylynn was back at the apartment with the rest of the kids. It was a busy night of just regular life stuff, but in Poland. Some things are just like being home in the US and other things are just a little different. Having your kids grades told to you in front of all the other parents is a little different, especially if your kid has the lowest grade.

The kids love going to gymnastics. The girls go on Monday and Wednesdays, and Calvin is on Tuesday and Thursdays. The price for this--about $20 per kid per month. That is a steal! Back home the kids were only going once a week for $45 per month. So to go for less then half the price AND twice a week is a huge discount.

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