Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Flying to Poland

We left my brothers at lunch time to head towards the airport. We were flying out of Dulles airport, about an hour and a half away. We left with enough time to see the Washington DC temple on the way. It was fun to visit this temple with my children as it is the temple i grew up visiting.

Our flight left at 5pm and arrived 8 hours later in Germany. The plan was to eat dinner provided on the plane, and then put the kids to sleep. This actually worked out fairly well, Benjamin was the toughest to put to sleep. We hoped he would be tired enough to just fall asleep in his carseat. He was tired, but cranky. We had an extra seat next to us so I laid him down on it and he did finally go to sleep. All the kids fell asleep, if only it had worked out so nicely for David, Kylynn, and me. About 3 hours later, Calvin woke up and said he had slept and he was not tired anymore. One by one the other kids woke up too. And soon enough the flight attendants were turning on lights and passing out a breakfast snack. Benjamin did not wake up too happy, but he recovered quickly.

In Germany, the plane landed on the Tarmac and we had to climb down stairs with kids, car seats (2), and 5 carryon bags, and 5 backpacks, board the shuttle to ride to the airport. The stairs were a bit tricky; thankfully the flight attendents helped. We had only an hour and half layover, and our flight landed on the tarmac at it's scheduled time. so we had to unload, ride the shuttle, pass back thru security, and literally run to our gate, which was far across a large airport, to catch our plane. It was a rush, but we made it. We boarded for a short flight to Krakow Poland.

After finding our apartmentit was only noon here, so we all took a short 3 hour nap. We set an alarm so we could get up and walk around the town, have dinner and then go to sleep on Poland's time schedule. Everyone did really well adjusting, but me. But I normally have a hard time sleeping, so it took me a few days longer to adjust.

Krakow is a beautiful city in southern Poland. It was the capital of Poland hundreds of year ago, and is one of the few cities that was not destroyed by WWII. We are staying near the old town, and it is beautiful to walk through day and night. It is colder here than what we left. But we have all been warm each day walking around with our coats and hats on.

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