Friday, October 15, 2010

Isabel's Pennsylvania

We left Kirtland for a 6 hour drive to Harrisburg, PA. Isabel was excited to be going to Pennsylvania. Almost a year ago, Isabel one day told me that before she came to live with our family in Idaho, that she lived with her mom and dad (not me and david) in Pennsylvania. Here mom and dad their had died and she came to live with us. She has told me every now and then since then that she misses her mom and dad in Pennsylvania. I have asked her if she wanted to go back and be with them instead, and luckily she has said she wants to stay with us. She has also told me that she has a family in England too. Well, now that we were going to pennsylvania she was excited and asked if we could go to a park their so she could see her mom and dad. Apparently they live in an invisible house in Pennsylvania. She is such a sweet girl. While Harrisburg is the capital of Pennsylvania, we where headed there to see nearby Hershey and Gettysburg.

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