Sunday, October 3, 2010


It may change when we get to Europe, but for now our itinerary is as follows:

10/5 fly to Maryland. We are staying with my brother, who still lives in the area where I grew up. We will be attending the sailboat show and visiting the area including DC.
10/9 drive to Hartford, CT to visit another of my brothers. We plan to stop and see the statue of liberty on the way.
10/11 head to Palmyra to visit the church sites there.
10/12 head to Niagra falls
10/13 we are still undecided, we may head back to Maryland, or maybe venture to Kirkland or see the beautiful country side in pennsylvania.
10/14 if we haven't yet, we need to head back to MD for the power boat show.
10/18 Fly to Poland. We have a direct flight to Germany, and hour layover, and then a 1.5 hours flight to Krakow, Poland.

Hopefully the kids will get some sleep on the plane. Most likely we will take a short nap when we arrive and then get up in time for dinner and a short evening activity before bed. This should push us through the jet lag and adjust us to the time diffence.

At the end of November grandpa plans to fly over and join us in Poland for a few weeks. He would also like to spend some time in the Alsace France area to do some family history research. We plan to go with him to see the area too.

12/20 we fly back home, but won't reach Idaho until the next morning. The flight we booked has a 12 hour layover in CA which we thought would be easier on the kids. This way it will feel like flying all day, getting in late, we can get a couple hotel rooms, go to sleep as soon as we arrive, and then awake rested in time to make our flight home to Idaho in the morning.

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