Monday, October 25, 2010

Church in Krakow

On Sunday we went to church here in Krakow. We took the tram and arrived about 10mins early. Church is held on the 3rd floor of an office building. It is a nice building and they have about 4 rooms total for the church. There is a larger meeting room, about the size of a nice conference room. 2 class rooms, and the branch president has an office. There is a bathroom and a small kitchen and a small foyer area. A pair of Elders were there, and 2 other people. A few other people came, and then at 10am in walked a family with 5 young children. Then just after the meeting started, another family with 2 young kids came, and a young single lady came. We filled the room with about 20 seats total. After sacrament meeting we were able to meet the other members. The branch typically has 6-8 members, including the missionaries. The other large family live in Prague and were passing through. They are american and are spending 2 years in Prague to learn the language. The other family with 2 kids also just moved here to Poland. They live in a town about 2 hours away, but Krakow is their branch. They also are American. The husband is a professional volleyball player and will be here for 6 months playing on a Polish team. They previously spent several years playing in Italy. The single young woman is from the same small town, 2 hours away, she also just moved to Poland as a nanny for a Polish family. She had spent a year in Germany as a nanny before coming to Poland. Kylynn was excited to make an American friend, even though she lives 2 hours away. They hope to meet up and site see a bit together during our stay here. A polish sister was there with her 2 grand children and then the other 3 members were polish.

After we all chatted for a few moments sunday school began. David took all the kids into one of the other classrooms that had a few toys in it to play with and taught a primary lesson. The sunday school lesson, like sacrament meeting was taught in Polish with one of the members translating it into English.

The Church is very small here in Poland. There are no wards at all, only branches and Krakow is the smalles branch. We plan to attend a few of the other branches that cover the areas that David served in as a missionary.

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