Monday, November 14, 2011

Dolphins in North Carolina


IMG_0968I remembered when we headed north in the spring that the last place we saw dolphins was in the Pimlico Sound of North Carolina.  We woke up Sunday morning to beautiful flat calm waters and started on our way across the Pimlico Sound and south.  And along came some dolphins.  It was my birthday so it was a fun treat to watch several of them swim off our bow riding our wake.  We saw multiple pods of dolphins through out the day as we continued south to our anchorage for the night.

Again the next day we headed south with dolphins throughout the day.  We made our way past Cape Hatteras and south to anchor in the Harbor of Swansboro.  The next day we reach Cape Fear where we decided to stop and stay at a Marina. Between the free docks and anchoring we had paid to stay at a marina in a week.  We were due to refill on water so it was a good time to stop at one for the night.  However, next time we pass through that area, I will pick a different Marina.  This one shared its docking space with a ferry that runs every hour.  We were lucky enough to get docked right next to the ferry.  Not only did it rock us a little every time it came in and left, it also honked it’s horn upon leaving every hour.  It ran until 11pm and started again at 5am.  It wasn’t the worst ever, but I didn’t like it much. 

However since we were docked in a town.  David off loaded the bikes and he and I rode into town for a date night at a local restaurant called Mr P’s Bistro.  The key lime pie was silky smooth and delicious. 

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