Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Disney World

Seems like every couple years we end up here at Disney World.  I guess we all just love it!  This was one of the shortest trips we have made here.  Next time we will stay another couple days.  Next time they will have a bunch of new areas and attractions to come and see.  It was fun to be there with Matthew and Alex in particular.  As the youngest ones, it's like a dream come true every day.  They were so excited about everything.  We took Matthew, Benjamin, and Isabel to Disneyland a little over a year ago, and Matthew was remembering things from that trip.  We are excited to take Julia next time and watch her face light up!

Our last night there we spoiled Alex and Matthew with a character dinner at Hollywood and Vine.  They loved the food, and they loved meeting with the characters there.  We've taken the other kids in years past, and thought it would be fun to just spoil these 2 little guys.  The older kids enjoyed time on their own riding rides and picking out their own dinner.


Alex LOVED meeting every character!  He soaked up the attention and put on his best cuteness!  As we were saying goodbye to Elsa, Alex ran back for one more hug, then motioned her to bend down and gave her a kiss on the cheek.  She thought he was so sweet, she returned the kiss and planted one on his little cheek!



It's always fun to meet the characters from the newer movies.  The kids loved doing fist bumps with Baymax!


Since we had the trailer we had looked at booking a campsite at Disney's Fort Wilderness, but prices were a little steep at $125 per night-- for a campsite!  So we booked at the Reunion Resort with Wyndham.  Using Grandpa's Worldmark points, we only had to pay for a couple of nights and we got them at a discount since we booked in the last 2-3 weeks.    Then we had to find somewhere to leave the trailer as the resort would not allow us to park it there.  After a little research we found a parking storage near the airport that did this exact thing, parking cars and trailers and RV's for daily storage.  Park, Bark, and Fly.  It worked perfectly for us!

After the fact I was sooo glad we stayed in a resort and not at a campground.  It was hot, above average temps, we were sweaty and gross at the end of each day, it was so nice to multiple showers to ourselves for all of us to use, rather than using the shared campground ones, or the one tiny one in the trailer every night.  There was also plenty of room for us to spread out on Sunday while we watched General Conference.

We also picked a semi busy time of year.  the crowd predictor site I use said 6 out 10 for crowd levels.  Maybe we are just getting old, or spoiled by having visited at less crowded times, but it was too crowded for us.  Next time I will pick 3-4 out of 10 for crowds.  That may mean I am leaving behind my high school aged kids! Oh well, they have been many many times already!

We flew our 2 oldest kids home after Disney World so they didn't miss any more time at school.  So for the remainder of our road trip we just have the middle 4 kids with us.  Alex said to drop them off at the airport and take the rest of us back to Disney World... but off we drove, headed northwest!

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