Saturday, February 2, 2013

Regular Life… in Paradise



Most  nights we watch the sun set and its beautiful.  But don’t be jealous, it’s beautiful all over the world.  The weather here is perfect most days, others a little hot and humid.  And when we are anchored off a small quiet island with an beautiful beach, it feels like paradise.  But life for us is almost just like being back home.  We still wake up early to the kids running around, making noise, and often fighting.  We get dressed in regular clothes, eat breakfast, and then it’s school time.  Our kids still whine and complain, and fight with each other.  There is still laundry to wash, dishes to wash, floors to sweep and vacuum, dinner to cook, school work to grade.  It’s just the view outside the window that is different.   Just like at home, I feel lucky to get in a hour here and there of book reading through out the week. 

I saw a sign this week that said “Home is where the boat is”  And I felt like I could relate to that, but really for us, our sign would be “Home is where the family is”. 

This week I was reminded that while we may be living in “paradise”, we are living a regular life, no vacation here.  Each of my kids, except the baby spent the entire week sick.  3 of them had fevers for 5 days, sore throats, and nausea.  The other 2 recovered a little quicker, by a day or 2.  Even in paradise, I have sick kids.  Just like at home. 

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