Friday, January 6, 2012

Disney World, week 1

We headed to Disney World and checked in to a resort on property on Jan. 1, 2012, which meant we were on the disney dining plan all week.  We love to at least spend a couple days in a DW resort for a few reasons:  1. the dining plan is great if you plan accordingly, meaning you spend your credits on character meals.  Then we get to spend time meeting characters and eating at the same time, rather than waiting in line somewhere in the parks to meet the characters.  And the food is really good at most of the character meals.  Luckily Diane took care of all the meal planning and booking.  Its takes a lot of planning! She did a great job and we loved each meal. DSCN0266 2. when you stay on property your room keys and tickets are all on the same key card.  With these room key/ticket cards they offer extra magic hours, and what they check for at the rides during these hours is these room key/ticket cards.  So If you buy extra tickets and then stay off property after a few days on property, all your remaining tickets stay on these key cards and you can continue to use magic hours, which usually has less crowds.  DSCN0309




This time, since we were there with the Despain Family we had a whole week on property.  It was a fairly busy time of the year for Disney, but every day the parks got less and less crowded as kids went back to school. Both of us would have preferred a less crowded time of year, but with spending a week on the boat and then coming to DW, this was the week that worked, so we made due with the crowds.  The kids all loved being there together. 





One of the things we had seen in a past trip there, but had not been able to participate it is Jedi Training.  The Despains found out that you needed to sign up first thing in the morning and where to go to sign up.  So on the morning we spent in Hollywood Studios we rushed over to sign up for Jedi Training.  They require you be at least 4 years old to participate, so Benjamin quickly became 4 so he could train to.  Each trainee got a chance to fight Darth Vader and resist the dark side.  They all chose to stay with the force.DSCN0394The kids love all the rides, but we love watching them meet their favorite characters.  Isabel LOVES belle.  They share part of their same name, and they both have brown hair.  So of course Belle is her favorite.  Savannah really likes Sleeping Beauty.  Savannah is growing up and out of meeting the characters, but that didn’t stop her from dressing up like Sleeping Beauty when we went to the Princess Dinner.  The characters do such a great job of interacting with the kids and listening to them.  It makes them feel so special at each meeting.DSCN0408

Saturday came to quickly and it was time to say goodbye to the Despain family, as they headed back home to Idaho.  Saturday was also Savannah’s 9th birthday.  Lucky girl got to celebrate ALL week.  DW gives you a birthday button to wear, and then all the cast members wish you a happy birthday.  Sitting at the Nemo show, during the applause, Dori came over to wish her a happy birthday.  At the restaurants the servers arrange for a special birthday treat and song.  It was a special birthday week for her. 

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