Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Savannah


Savannah had a great birthday this year.  We had friends come out to visit us on the boat and planned a week visit to Disney World with them, which ended on guess who’s birthday?  That’s right—Savannah’s. 

Isabel already asked why we couldn’t go to DW for her birthday—which was a mere 3 weeks before Savannah’s.  We are going to be in trouble over the next year with the other kids birthdays—all wanting the fun time Savannah had at DW.  She was given a “Happy Birthday” pin at DW which let everyone know she was celebrating her birthday.  She wore it all week and received “happy birthday” cheers everyday.  Often at meals, she would get a special treat and singing. 

While she was celebrating everyday for a week, we couldn’t let her actual birthday go unnoticed.  We were not at home or on the boat, so we didn’t make her a cake, but bought her an ice cream cake to celebrate with.  She was very excited that on her real birthday, we didn’t forget her.

She is 9 this year and growing up fast.  She is a huge helper with the little kids and is excited to be learning skills to be a babysitter.  She gets Matthew up, dressed, and fed almost every morning.  This is a real test of her patience and creativity as Matthew is not often cooperative with her.  He much prefers mom and dad.  She still loves to read and devours books.  She is currently finishing up the Nancy Drew classic series and loves the Baby Sitters Club books.  Homeschool was an adjustment for her, but she is doing really well and will finish 4th grade this spring.  She is a fantastic swimmer and enjoys practicing her swim strokes in the pool and racing Calvin.  She has learned to drive the boat this year and is a huge help with lines and fenders when we dock.  She loves helping in the kitchen and has learned to make a few meals all on her own.  Her favorites to make are Spinach and Cheese Ravioli’s, and Chicken and Cream Cheese Roll Ups. 

We are very proud of Savannah and love her very much.  It is a joy to watch her grow and learn.

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