Saturday, January 21, 2012



That’s right, #6 is on it’s way.  A few weeks before we left MD, we found out we were expecting.  Just as we prepared to head south, I started to get sick.  We decided to head on our way and see how it went.  I just feel miserable 24/7 until about 14 weeks.  But with the help of Kylynn we managed.  When she headed home, my mom came out for a 10 day visit to help out before David’s sister Suzie could join us.  Luckily I reached 14 weeks and started to feel better and get some energy back.  We had guests coming and trips planned so I needed to feel better, and the timing worked perfectly.  It was a blessing.


When we arrived in the Ft. Lauderdale/Miami area I looked up getting an Ultrasound.  I was 18 weeks and we wanted to find out –boy or girl.  For the last 3 pregnancies I have opted to not have the ultrasound at the DR’s office as it is a $350 cost.  My doctor reminds me everytime that it costs more because you get more—so she thinks.  I know they check over the placenta and baby’s growth and bones.  And they take measurements, but I can get all that done at a consumer ultrasound too.  In fact with Benjamin and Matthew we paid $99 for the ultrasound, and an extra $25 for the technician to take measurements, which we have then taken in to the DR for review.  So for less than half the cost, I got all the same info.  An ultrasound is not a necessary test during pregnancy as some other tests are; Dr’s are just fine if you opt to not have it done.  But they sure do get a little offended if you tell them you are going to a consumer place to get one done.

Well here in Florida I was pleased to pay $69 for a 3D/4D ultrasound.  In Idaho I have found they charge more for the 4D, and they don’t like to do them prior to 24 weeks as the baby does not have enough fat to look cute yet.  So to get both for less than we have ever paid was a nice surprise.  The ultrasound was done in a DR’s office, but on a Saturday.  I didn’t pay for measurements this time, as they mostly use those to help date your pregnancy and my DR did a freebie ultrasound for me at 11 weeks, b/c I recently miscarried AND I need the pregnancy accurately dated so I can be induced a week early—I have big babies and prefer to not have them grow any bigger than necessary.  She’s great! 

Maybe someday Dr’s offices and Insurance will realize the technology should not be costing us—the patient and consumer so much.  I am happy to use the consumer service and I hope it helps to drive down the Dr’s prices.  I’d have it done at the Dr if the price was reasonable.


I am sure you can guess, it’s a good view, but yes---it’s another boy!  We are excited to welcome him to our family this June.


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