Saturday, January 29, 2011

Navigational Heiau

On Day 4 we toured the North Beaches known as the Kohala area.  We hiked out to see this Navigational Heiau.  Supposedly hundreds of years ago these rocks were placed here to navigate to the other Islands, Hawaiian and Polynesian.  David is studying them trying to decide how they line up to point to the Islands.

After visiting the rocks we were hoping to snorkel in the area, but the ocean seemed a little surgy for our comfort, so we went to find somewhere else to see some underwater life.  Since we hadn't seen any turtles yet, we went to a little cove nearby where we did in fact find a few turtles. (see turtle post).  We had a nice day exploring this part of the Island viewing beautiful beaches; Kohala is where the beautiful and large sandy beaches are on this Island.  There are quite a few resorts and vacation villages in Kohala as well.   

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