Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 3

After spending the morning exploring more of Volcanos Park we headed North along the eastern side of the Island.  Along the way we stopped to explore waterfalls and a bit of the city of Hilo.  The east side of the Island is the wet side of the island and while it wasn't raining and hadn't rained in a few days, it was much greener and lusher on this side.  No more miles and miles of barren lava rock. 

We were spending the next 4 nights just outside of Waipi'o Valley in the town of Honoka'a.  This Bed and Breakfast is up in the hills just a few miles outside of the town.  We were glad we had our GPS to help us find the place as it was dark when we arrived and the drive is quite remote.  The roads up the hill are literally one car wide and windy with side walls 4-6 feet high with tree trunks and worn sandy dirt.  It was a fun little drive to and from our accomodations each day.  Since it is in a bit of a remote location it is "off the grid".  David had a great time checking out all the solar panels, generator, and bank of batteries and chargers one morning.

We attended church on Sunday in this area, and were asked if we were just passing thru or where were we staying, and when we said in this town, they all responded with "you're staying in Honoka'a? Really?"  They don't get visitors much.  Most of the tourists stay on the other side of the Island.  But I wanted to be close to Waipi'o Valley so we would have plenty of time to explore it.  (more on that in another post)  Church was great, the ward was very friendly and we enjoyed attending there.

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