Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Nauvoo, Illinois

We arrived Sunday evening just as the sun was going down.  Which gave us plenty of time to drive the campground and pick the best spot, this was easy since we were the only ones there!

In the morning Savannah, Calvin, and I headed off to the Temple.  Occasionally the Nauvoo Temple is open on Monday's, and one was today.  The kids had 9am appointments for baptisms while I was going to do initiatories.   After I finished I was able to spend a few minutes in the beautiful celestial room.  It was a special experience being here in this temple performing the work of my ancestors who I hope have been waiting to accept the gospel.  Like the pioneers, their lives and choices made it possible for me to be at this place in my life.  

After the temple, we headed off to explore old Nauvoo and learn about the pioneers that once lived here and the legacy they left behind.  They sacrificed so much, over and over,  for their faith in Jesus Christ.  

The next morning before heading towards Florida we stopped at nearby Carthage Jail to learn of the Martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum Smith.  It always a special experience each time we visit here.  This time I learned after many years as a jail, the Browning family purchased the property to use as their home.  While they lived here people would come knock on their door asking if they could come and see where Joseph died.   When they were going to move they contacted the church to see if they wanted to purchase the property.  Joseph F Smith, who was 5 years old when his father was killed here, was prophet at this time.  Knowing it was important for church history, he did buy it.  It was many years before the church restored the property and opened for visitors.  

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