Saturday, October 8, 2011



Philadelphia is a great city, also with a rich history.  I have visited Philadelphia many times as it is a IMG_4071short drive from where I grew up.  It was our nations capital when we first became a nation.  It is where the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and Bill of Rights were pondered over, fought over, and finally written.  The kids had a great time again earning their junior ranger badges, and I was again excited for them to learn more about how our nation was formed. We were able to learn about and view the Liberty Bell, and visit Independence Hall where our forefathers spent their time diligently trying to figure out how to form our nation, where George Washington was elected President.

We took a few minutes to read the first half of the Declaration of Independence together as a family. IMG_4073 Previous to our visit to Philadelphia we made a trip to DC to the National Archives to view the original documents of the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and The Bill of Rights.  As we read these inspired words, they resonated with my thoughts and heart.  How I wish our leaders would read them again and again, and truly understand them.  Reading these documents reminded me of the declarations we receive as Latter Day Saints, from our latter day prophets.  How grateful I am for the knowledge that in a world of confusion, greed, and misused power—we have a source to look to for truth and peace.  How grateful I am for a prophet and apostles.

Another fun stop in Philadelphia was at the US Mint where we were able to learn about and view coin manufacturing.  My kids love visiting factories and seeing how things are made, so we love to provide them with these opportunities to learn.

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