Thursday, October 6, 2011


After spending the weekend with my brother Aaron and his family in Connecticut, we headed north a couple of hours to the beautiful town of Boston.  We had a great time exploring the history of Boston for 2 days. My borther Rob is currently living in Maine, about 2 hours north, so he made a trip down to meet us in Boston. We were glad he could join us for this visit! The kids love being with him.

  The kids earned 2 junior ranger badges and learned a great deal about the American Revolution.  We visited the North Church where Paul Revere rode to have someone light the lanterns in the tower letting the people know by which method the British were travelling. This tower could be seen across the river to Charlestown.  We visited the Naval Ship yard in Charlestown and were able to board the USS Constitution, a ship that was used in the War of 1812 and is the oldest commissioned Navy ship in the US.  We also visited Bunker Hill were the first battle of the revolution was fought.  While the British technically won this particular battle, the colonist felt bolstered by their ability and knew they could and should fight for their Liberty and Independence from Great Britain.

Boston is a lovely town and I enjoyed walking the streets of the historic district and pondering the strength of the people who spoke up to bring us independence.  As I think of the state of our Nation now I can’t help thinking we need some of their strength and voices in our time.
Before heading back to Connecticut on day 2, we stopped to visit the Boston Temple.  It was raining out so half the kids stayed in the car, but the rest of us were brave enough to stroll the grounds and admire its beauty.
If you ever find yourself in Boston, you must—I repeat MUST pay a visit to Mike’s Pastry—(google it),  order a cannoli or 2 or 3 or 10.  I will be dreaming of those cannoli’s, they were soooooo good.

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  1. We love mikes pasty, you are right the cannolis are to die for. Looks like u r having a blast.