Sunday, December 26, 2010

Heading Home

The trip home went okay.  The big flight from Germany to California was 12 hours long and crowded.  Every seat was taken so there was no extra room for Matthew.  He is at a busy stage so the first few hours on the plane were a little difficult.  But once he settled down and was ready to sleep we laid him on a blanket on the floor under Benjamin's seat.  He slept pretty well there.  All the kids slept on the plane for a few hours.  We arrived in San Fransisco with a 10 hour layover overnight.  So we headed to a hotel for a little sleep.  The boys and David slept well, but the girls, Kylynn and I didn't sleep much.  Back to the airport we went super early in the morning to catch our 7am flight to Idaho.

The kids have all adjust well with the jet lag.  An extra nap or 2 and they are back to normal.  David and I are slowly making our way back to a normal sleep time.  While it is nice to be in our home, we loved our time in Poland.

Things we will miss...
     yummy pasteries, bread, cheeses
     the beautiful old building and architecture
     the people, teachers, and friends
     trams, buses, trains
Things we are happy to have at home
     a washer and a dryer
     a dishwasher
     family and friends

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