Friday, September 20, 2019

The Sunshine Coast and Vancouver Island

David and I made a trip to The Sunshine Coast of BC, Canada and Vancouver Island.  We decide to drive up so we could enjoy a fun road trip!  We made it to Vancouver City on our first night to enjoy dinner at one of 5 locations of TacoFina.  We first encountered this amazing food last September in the city of Tofino on Vancouver Island.  We were not disappointed in Vancouver City, the food was just as amazing as we remembered!

The next day after attending church services we took the ferry north to the Sunshine Coast.  The scenery is beautiful, even in a little rain.  We drove up to Egmont to stay near the Princess Louisa Inlet.  After checking in at our hotel and enjoying the view from our room, we took an afternoon hike to see the Sechelt Rapids at high tide.  The waves these rapid produce are pretty amazing.  It was fun to watch an otter play in them for a bit.

In the morning we were booked for the Princess Inlet boat tour.  The scenery was beautiful.  We saw numerous waterfalls.  We were even treated with some blue skies and sunshine!

The following day we took 2 more ferries and headed over to Vancouver Island and up to the northern town of Port Hardy.   The next morning we would head out for a day of fishing.  We tried fishing for both Salmon and Halibut, but it was just our luck... we caught nothing.  David decided he did not like fishing unless it guaranteed catching.  

Our final day on Vancouver Island was a real treat!  We booked a sightseeing tour with an air charter company.  Essentially you spend the morning hours flying, wherever they are flying that day. Small villages or logging camps far out in the middle of the beauty.  It was a small land and float plane.  David was invited to sit in the co pilots seat for the best view.  Our first stop was at an Indian reservation and logging camp.   The next stop was the first time I have landed on water in a plane.  We stopped at a private fishing lodge.  It used to be a fish cannery but was since purchased privately and now guests may only come at invitation of the owner.  

Before returning to the airport, we made two other sea stops at logging camps.  The scenery was spectacular.

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