Sunday, July 8, 2018

Bull Trout Lake, Idaho

It's been a busy summer, but we found a weekend to take off for a family camping trip. I picked an old favorite place, Bull Trout Lake. It had been years since we had been there. If only I'd known how bad the mosquitos were, I'd have picked somewhere else. We managed to get a camping spot pretty close to the lake and the kids had fun kayaking. The scenery was beautiful-- until the mosquitos came out!

The evening bugs were the worst!!!

One afternoon we drove over to Stanley and Redfish Lake.  We brought a picnic lunch and played on the beach.  Then drove to the Lodge for ice cream.  Lucy, our dog, even behaved herself around all those people at Redfish Lake.

Calvin had a great time trying to fish. The last night we dropped him at a different lake nearby, Martin lake, for an hour. He managed to catch a fish there off the dock. He was thrilled!

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